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Video interview with singer-songwriter Ana Free

Music 4.5 blog editor Charlotta Hedman met up with singer-songwriter Ana Free a couple of weeks ago to talk about Youtube fame and how to use the internet to build a career.

Ana might be young, but in just a few years she’s managed to turn online fame into a mainstream music career.

Ana will be speaking at the Music 4.5 conference next week.

4 thoughts on “Video interview with singer-songwriter Ana Free”

  1. Sapir says:

    Ana always keeps her amazing personality! And always care about her fans!
    She’s just amazing! There is no surprize with her growing career!:)
    You ‘re the best Ana!:D

  2. SeekingVega (Sam) says:

    Great interview 🙂 Ana is fabulous as always <3

  3. Lucy says:

    I have followed Ana since she put up her first video back in 2007. She is a very talented singer/songwriter. Ana`s acoustic sound is fantastic and her live performances are very professional. Am looking forward to hearing her music on the radio.

  4. Jim says:

    Ana will be a wonderful asset for the Music 4.5 Conference. She is a very gifted singer/songwriter who writes from the heart and touches people. She paints musical pictures with her songs that chronicle her life.

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