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The copyright troll making millions

2 thoughts on “The copyright troll making millions”

  1. Sam says:

    Charlotta – great article! Have shared on LinkedIn because I think it should get a wider audience.

    Photographs and inadvertent breach of intellectual property rights can be a world of pain – how can you be sure that the image you downloaded from Google is “rights free”? A claim for breach of IP that was done unintentionally, by mistake, would probably be covered by a good professional indemnity policy (NB: I work for Hiscox) – although it probably wouldn’t cover the cases above, if the photographer could even get it!, because they are deliberate acts.

    I do wonder why Doe Deere isn’t fighting for a share of the proceeds – probably because it will cost her more than she would win in return. Doesn’t make it right, however, and leaves her with no fair form of redress – should he be allowed to do what he wants (and make money from it) simply because no-one has the money to make him stop in court? Tricky.

    1. Charlotta says:

      Thanks Sam! It’s a really interesting and tricky topic. All of this is of course great publicity for the artist, which might be why he’s chosen to produce such controversial work. I wonder if Doe Deere also figures that the whole thing is good publicity for her as well. Instead of a costly law suit she can try to capitalise on the attention and get her name and image out to a larger audience.

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