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Data is still sexy – the Music 4.5 Open Data event

The house was full house at the Lewis Silkin offices for the first Music 4.5 event of the year. It was an exceptionally sunny and warm Tuesday in March and the event got off to a hot and sticky start as around 70 people squeezed into the conference room.

It didn’t seem to matter though, because once again we proved that data is still a, er, hot topic.

Organisers Rassami Hok Ljungberg and Petra Johansson of 2Pears kicked off the day and handed the microphone to chair William Lovegrove of Release Mobile.

Next up was Paul Gathercole, VP, Digital Tools, Global, Universal Music Group International, who was talking about how to create value from data.

After him Gavin Starks, CEO of the Open Data Institute took to the stage to talk about how releasing data can create new business opportunities. He also called for open data music-tech case studies.

Then it was time for the first panel of the day “The open data business opportunities for music” moderated by Sam Taylor, Associate at CMU, with Kevin Bacon, Founder & CEO of Buzzdeck, Paul Jessop, Principal Consultant at County Analytics, Chris Carey, Global Insight Director at EMI Music, Brittney Bean, Founder of Songdrop and Gavin Starks, CEO, Open Data Institute.

During the coffee break there were Music 4.5 cupcakes to celebrate the three years that have passed since the first Music 4.5 event! Thankfully there seemed to be enough time for everyone to munch down the cakes in between all the networking.

After the break Chris Wistow, Commercial Director at and Adrian Woodhouse, Technical Team Lead at, took to the stage to talk about as a music data business case study.

Then Robert Kaye, Founder of MusicBrainz, joined us over Skype from a rainy California to talk about how to monetise data sharing (which is apparently possible, even if you don’t plan on it).

And all too quickly it was time for the last panel of the day, moderated by William Lovegrove with Olaf Loerz, Senior Product Manager at Rovicorp, Evan Stein, Founder of Decibel and Helena Kosinski, International Business & Marketing Manager at Nielsen Music who talked about if and how data is shifting the balance of power in the music industry.

Finally what did some of the participants think? What are the lessons learned from this Music 4.5 event? Interviews with Jude Umeh of Cap Gemini and BCS Chartered Institute for IT, Brittney Bean of Songdrop, Adrian Woodhead of

Music 4.5 Open Data voxpops from Music 4.5 on Vimeo.

For more pictures from the event, have a peek at our Flickr.

Sad you missed this one? There is another Music 4.5 event coming up in May, when we’ll be looking at Image Rights.