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Music start-up musings: Adswizz

Last year the ad-funded streaming model was hailed as the saviour of the music industry. Now things aren’t looking as peachy. Spotify is struggling to break into the American market and competitors are scrabbling to come up with alternative ways of funding free music online.

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Music start-up musings: Music Glue

Today’s music start-up is Music Glue. The company started out encouraging musicians to interact with file-sharers and are now dealing with all sorts of fan relationship management. Director Mark Meharry thinks the way forward for artists today is live performances and the experience they create

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Music start-up musings: RjDj

Today’s music start up was founded by one of the guys behind RjDj wants to change the way we experience music. What is RjDj? RjDj is an iPhone and Android application which enables reactive music. It is a way of experiencing music that changes