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“Milking your fans” – building and monetising your audience

Audience focus from a musictech and ‘filter’ perspective: the value of music. What we perceive to have value to those consuming music related products and services, isn’t always the case depending on the audience segment and depending on how they are willing to pay for the service, rewarding what they like, and what they value. New and different ways of ‘paying’, and the avenues open to the bands/artists with the magic 1,000 fans to make money with music as IP.

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Artists beware: Myspace is going down

By Charlotta Hedman It’s a truth universally acknowledged that any self-respecting musician must be on Myspace. Everyone still remembers that possibly fabricated Arctic Monkeys-success-story, but that was in 2005 when Myspace was all the rage.  As we know things move fast in cyberspace and in