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The hunt for the perfect playlist

There is a new holy grail – the playlist. The future success of streaming companies relies on getting music discovery right.  ‘What would a DJ that was following me do?’ That is the question streaming companies need to ask themselves, according  to Google Play Music product

The future of online radio

On-demand streaming music has been part of the collective imagination for more than a century. It can be traced back to the 1888 publication of Edward Bellamy’s best-selling science fiction novel Looking Backward, in which a man falls asleep in 1887 and wakes up in

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Is radio dying?

After the Smart Radio event we asked a few of the speakers to share their views. Is radio dying? Music 4.5 Smart Radio: Is radio dying? from 2Pears on Vimeo. Interviewees: Phil Critchlow, founder and CEO of TBI media, David Courtier-Dutton CEO Soundout, Amanda Harcourt

The future of radio (part 2)

Last week we looked at the history of online radio. This week we’re looking towards the future. Radio will never be the same again, writes Like books, magazines, music and just about every other mass medium you can think of, the age-old format is being transformed