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“Can YouTube be embarrassed?”

Music 4.5: The Politics of Licensing was full of insight and expertise on the complex licensing landscape. This is the first of our blog posts about the day’s discussions – next we will look at “the platform wars” between the different streaming services, what is being done

SONA sues the DoJ

Acronyms – I suppose – can often lessen an otherwise impactful sentence. Case in point: “SONA dues the US DoJ.” Most know that the latter is the United States Department of Justice, but SONA? SONA is the Songwriters of North America, founded by songwriter/musicians Michelle

The copyright troll making millions

It’s been called genius trolling by some and exceptionally vapid by others. Richard Prince has pushed the boundaries of copyright infringement since the 1970s and managed to turn appropriating content into a successful career. Last year he sold inkjet printouts of other people’s Instagram photos for