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TransferGo wins TechPitch 4.5

International money transfer start-up TransferGo became the latest winners of TechPitch 4.5. The company, who are competing with transfer service Transferwise, are already quite established for a start-up and have so far had around £9 million transferred through their service. Planned Departure, a company that

A wintery Hangout 4.5

Last week we saw a great turnout for the second Hangout 4.5 at Cargo in Shoreditch. If you missed it, here are some photos from the evening. Many of you have left some great feedback on our meetup page. Thanks for coming along and hope

Smart Radio photos

Last week around 90 attendees packed into a large conference room at Lewis Silkin for our second Music 4.5 Smart Radio event. We had a long list of engaging and interesting speakers and panels. The day started off with a bang with Mark Mulligan talking

Introducing: Hangout 4.5

On the 2nd of July the first Hangout 4.5 took place. Around 100 people met up at Cargo in East London to network, chat and have a good time. Hangout 4.5 is an informal networking event created run by 2Pears, Petra Johansson and Rassami Hok

Introducing 4.5 Videos

Introducing Our Videos: This spring we’re introducing videos from some of our events. Here co-founder Rassami Hok Ljungberg explains why. Why 4.5 Videos? By popular demand, as there is an increasing number of people keen to see specific Music 4.5 seminar sessions either to replay