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It’s time to disrupt freemium

Chris Cooke, Managing Director of CMU, kicked off Music: 4.5 Converting Freemium by asking: “How do you turn what’s free into revenue generating services? How much can you charge for and how much will people pay?” The range of speakers ventured to answer those questions

How to monetise video online

Spiritual leaders and new age personalities are selling live video for hundreds of euros per stream. Some financial experts manage to get their customers to pay even more, up to several thousand pounds, for a video where they share their knowledge about the stock market.

“Free is death.” Or is it?

“In general, free is death.” Those were the words of Sony Music’s CEO Doug Morris, etching another slot into the ongoing freemium debate. With less than a month to go until Music 4.5: Converting Freemium (and amidst the release of a certain fruitly-named premium streaming