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Monthly Archives: June 2013

The NSA scandal: Right or wrong?

The founder of the world’s biggest marketing services company, Sir Martin Sorrell, has said he believes revelations about the National Security Agency’s Prism internet surveillance programme are a “game changer” that will spark a fundamental rethink of web privacy by web users, writes The Guardian.

Introducing 4.5 Videos

Introducing Our Videos: This spring we’re introducing videos from some of our events. Here co-founder Rassami Hok Ljungberg explains why. Why 4.5 Videos? By popular demand, as there is an increasing number of people keen to see specific Music 4.5 seminar sessions either to replay

Image rights for start-ups

The Music 4.5 Image Rights event left many wanting more. We’ve talked to Jakub Majowski, co-founder of video sharing start-up Tellyo, about what he thought about the event, how Tellyo is navigating the legal jungle and why many start-ups struggle with copyright. Could you tell me