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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Why the new oil?

Charlotta Hedman Data isn’t something new. Its value wasn’t invented at the same time as computers and the internet started generating vast number of Matrix-like numbers spinning around in the system. And we haven’t always relied on digital wizardry to sort through the numbers. Hundreds

DDEX – where the infighting stops

Charlotta Hedman Three times each year big players in the music and tech industries get together for a slightly secret conference. For a few days employees from companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, record companies and collection societies set aside old grudges and lawsuits and

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Making mobile music – the debate

By Charlotta Hedman – Why can’t you [the record industry] release records as apps? Michael Breidenbrucker of “sonic experience” app RjDj asked during the final debate at the Music 4.5 Mobile Music event. The room fell silent. All eyes were on Clara Goldsmith from publisher Warner Chappell,