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Monthly Archives: November 2010

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Music 4.5 Jam Session

AudioFuel Founder and ringmaster Sean Blair together with Gaynor O’Flynn, indie artist and founder of multi-media label being human, ask the Music4.5 floor for inspired examples of audience participation and what fans do for love… and how that makes money!

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DEBATE: Record label execs & Artists – “Are labels redundant? Is the deal fair?”

Audience-focus from the artists’ perspective, artists with or without record labels need to target/consider their audiences, and is this best done with or without a record deal? Are record labels redundant? Do record labels give artists what they need? Is the deal fair? What are the new labels appearing offering? How is the deal changing and how does it need to change?

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“Milking your fans” – building and monetising your audience

Audience focus from a musictech and ‘filter’ perspective: the value of music. What we perceive to have value to those consuming music related products and services, isn’t always the case depending on the audience segment and depending on how they are willing to pay for the service, rewarding what they like, and what they value. New and different ways of ‘paying’, and the avenues open to the bands/artists with the magic 1,000 fans to make money with music as IP.